Unleash the power of tethered shooting.

Connecting your camera to a computer opens up a multitude of new possibilities. You'll benefit from working on a large screen, precise exposure control and improved focusing accuracy — a must for today's high-megapixel cameras. Besides being lightning fast at basic tasks, a handful of highly advanced composition and evaluation tools make Kuuvik Capture the leading Canon EOS remote control app available today.

Live view on a higher level.

No other app comes close to what Kuuvik Capture's live view offers. Starting with focusing assistance with real-time sharpening and peaking tools. Through intuitive navigation, focus pulling and alignment grid controls. And culminating in multi-point simultaneous live view* that makes optimizing depth of field and focusing tilt-shift lenses a breeze. All the while consuming up to 5x less energy than other solutions.
* Multi-point live view is available on select cameras only.

Rich automation toolset.

From simple mirror lock-up and release automation, through 15-shot exposure brackets to 100-shot focus brackets, the app covers everything. You can freely combine brackets with the intervalometer and mirror lock-up, while the Bracketing Monitor oversees your settings and warns you about potential problems. You'll never want to revert to the camera's built-in automation features after trying Kuuvik Capture.

Star the best, trash the rest.

Culling a shoot is as easy as selecting the best images and let Kuuvik Capture remove the rest. And this even works on images shoot untethered, outside of the app. Like on a wedding or sport event. The fast image decoding and display engine allows us to skip time consuming preview generation, which is a huge boon when working on thousands of images.

A RAW shooter's best friend.

Kuuvik Capture aims to assist you in creating the best and highest quality images possible. This is why we focus on working with RAW files only. The RAW histogram and clipping warnings help you avoid exposure issues, while the special Unitary WB brings RAW-like histogram capability to the untethered camera. Utilizing industry-standard XMP metadata means that your RAW converter will pick up* where Kuuvik Capture finished its job.
* Requires an XMP-aware RAW converter, such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

More speed. More features. More affordable.

Built for the 50 megapixel 5DS and 5DS R cameras, version 2 brings huge improvements. Up to 5x faster RAW processing coupled with better image quality. Completely reimagined session management. 11 new guide templates with custom line color. More space for your images. Subtle tweaks and optimizations throughout the entire app. And support for an unlimited number of cameras for a single price! Learn more ▸